Introducing BankMe

BankMe is a first of a kind console based FREE app that allows you to securely store your bank details on your phone and enables you to instantly share them at a touch of a button.

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Safe. Simple. Smart. Sharing

  • Privacy & Security

    BankMe is unique in offering you an option to encrypt details upon sending. BankMe is also a console based application meaning your details are not stored on the cloud or by us.

  • Simplify your life

    Small size of the app allows you to download it anywhere, anytime. The user-friendly interface simplifies the process of accurately sharing and adding info into internet banking/ banking apps.

  • The Smartest way to share your bank details

    BankMe was designed for everyone to be a hassle free way to send their bank details quickly, accurately and efficiently.

  • Share it your way

    BankMe offers numerous ways to share your details both conventionally via (WhatsApp, Email, Sms) or securely with BankMe Encrypt.

How it works

Currently the app that allows you to safely add your banking details to a console based application and share them via Whatsapp,mail or sms or alternatively sending securely via unique BankMe encryption which sends information from BankMe to BankMe. BankMe can also be sent via encrypted email that offers opt in user to download and install BankMe app to access the embedded account details of the BankMe user / email sender.


Download the BankMe app for FREE on either IOS or Android

Add Banking Details

Add your bank details by inputting relevant information such as: account holder name, account number, banking institution, Branch code/IBAN/swift, type of account) and save.


Share details either via general options or via encrypted options all with a touch of a button.


Below are a few screenshots showcasing the functionality of the app.

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